Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Race For Equality

The Race is On!

During the month of February, we are RACING to see that girls have an equal chance to succeed regardless of their socio-economic conditions, race, ethnicity or family dynamics. Join us in the Race For Equality and help us reach our goal! 

The YWCA needs your support. Funding through the Pasadena Unified School District's LEARNs program was cut. We needed to sign zero dollar contracts to continue our afterschool programs in three middle schools or the programs would end. We also took a 40% cut in funding for our program at Muir High School. At the same time we are preparing to enroll girls in our Girl’s Empowerment Summer Camp. The number of colleges we can visit, field trips we can take and scholarships we can offer depends on the funds we can raise this month.

* More than 80% of our program participants are from low-income families. To ensure that all girls in the community have access to Just For Girls and TECHgyrls, the programs are free. There is a charge for our Girls Empowerment Summer Camp, but we offer as many full and partial scholarships as possible.

* Our programs help participants complete high school and pursue post-secondary education, maintain healthy lifestyles and relationships, and be prepared to succeed in the job market. While other organizations provide programs for youth, the YWCA is the only one that offers innovative programs designed for the unique needs and psychology of girls. Our deep knowledge of girls' challenges and strengths, as well as the community, help us effectively develop confident, successful women.

* Imagine how rewarding it would be to know that you helped make it possible to send a girl to camp, where she will visit university campuses and dream of the day she can attend college.

* Imagine the impact that a technology class and having access to a computer lab would make towards a girl's homework load.

* Imagine the difference it makes to have positive adult role models and support during the trials of being a teenage girl.

If you are donating on behalf of staff or a board member, please search for their name in the search box. Thank you in advance for your support!

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