Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Catch up with YWCA Pasadena's After School Program - March 2017

Our Girls Empowerment After School Program once again partnered with the ArtReach in the month of April.

The girls collaborated with representatives from art center to brainstorm ideas for a new mural in Pasadena. First, they thought of ideas of what objects, concepts, and people are important to them. Then they looked at reference photos that they could use when they were creating their concept art. The representatives then took the art they created and they'll incorporate it into the finished design.

The girls also had a chance to create using clay! Each girl got to make their own personal clay project based on their favorite animals, characters, and more.

They were also able to create their own cardboard pinhole cameras. An ArtReach representative guided them in making them and then took them around the neighborhood to take pictures.

The YWCA also partnered with Planetary Society. The girls got to use a solar telescope , spectroscope. They also created and used their own DIY pinhole projectors so that they will be prepared to view the upcoming solar eclipse in August. They also learned about how scientists determine what elements exists on other planets.