Thursday, July 9, 2015

Week 1 of GESC 2015

Our Girls Empowerment Summer Camp has been jam packed with fun and educational activities this first week.

The girls started off the week by getting to know each other with some ice breakers and team building in our re-designed activity room. They had a lot of fun learning about each other and finding new friends. Then, we had the pleasure of having a Jiu Jitsu class at Jitsufit, just down the street on Lake Avenue. There they learned a few simple moves and breathing techniques. Here they are with the instructors.

After some downtime and chitchat while they ate lunch, the girls were able to learn about what it takes to be makeup artist and some make up techniques from Sara Edison [main photo] .   A veteran of the make up industry, Ms. Edison has utilized her beauty and special effects makeup skills on several feature and indie films. Her workshop illustrated the potential for make-up to be an outlet for creativity and a viable career path.

Later, they had a quick Zumba lesson and ended they day with Summer Journal Making.

On the Second Day of Camp, the girls had the opportunity to tour the Pasadena Playhouse and learn about plays and acting. After lunch, they had a workshop with Erin Green from Twin of a Kind and Pretty Girl Retreat on self-confidence, self-image, and inner-beauty.

Wednesday was our first weekly Big Fieldtrip! The girls were able to spend the day at the Getty Center in LA and learn about the artwork.


Thursday, the Girls were able to have a guided tour City Hall and learned about the symbolism behind some of the architectural features, the history of City Hall, and how the city has been able to make the building LEED certified and earthquake resistant. They also had the chance to sit in the chairs that the city council uses and learn about the key figures and process that happens at each city council meeting.

 After lunch, the girls were able to end their week with some t-shirt decoration. They got creative with a tie-dye workshop, as well as a screen printing workshop.

And with that the YWCA said goodbye to our campers for the holiday weekend. Stay tuned for more updates from the Girls' Empowerment Summer Camp.