Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Women's Leadership and Networking Day Spotlight- Rosemarie Pilpa

Rosemarie Pilpa, PhD.
Rosemarie Pilpa. PhD. is a Technology Specialist in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, with experience in protein chemistry.
Rosemarie obtained her PhD. from University of California Los Angeles. Prior to her doctoral studies, Rosemarie received a B.S. in Chemistry and Biology from the California State Polytechnic University where her research was concentrated on protein structural and functional studies. In addition to her graduate and undergraduate research experience, Rosemarie also has educational experience having been a Teaching Assistant for laboratory and lecture classes in the areas of biochemistry during her graduate studies. During her studies at UCLA, Rosemarie researched the structural and functional properties of proteins involved in pathogenesis. Rosemarie also has been involved in research and academia at the Salk institute.

Rosemarie’s areas of IP experience and practice include drafting and prosecution of patents related to biochemical and biotechnology.

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