Monday, August 27, 2012

When Texting Pays Off....

NYC boy, 16, is the fastest texter in America The reigning 16-year-old champion of cellphone texting has reclaimed the title of fastest texter in America.  Austin Weirschke of Queens, N.Y., won after eight rounds at the texting competition Wednesday in Times Square. He gets $50,000 in prize money.

Eleven contestants from around the U.S. competed. The competition tested three skills: speed, accuracy and dexterity.  There were three rounds, including texting while blind-folded and texting with hands behind their backs.  The third round is called "text blitz." Phrases were shown to the contestants for a length of time and they copied them as fast as they could.

The annual competition is sponsored by cellphone-maker LG Electronics.

Can you text this fast? What would you do with $50,000? You can tell your parents that there are benefits to texting all the time, lol, practice makes perfect!!!

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